We currently offer two multi-use MSG System models, both designed for all Code C/Group 3 size aircraft and smaller. The RS-500 is designed for de-icing, washing and inspection of aircraft. The RS-400 is designed for warmer climates requiring only aircraft washing and inspection capabilities.

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RS-400 Wash

Pure washing facility

RS-500 Wash and de-ice

Complete washing and de-icing facility

How can the MSG system be used?

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De-icing and anti-icing processes

Due to its building type configuration, our system will provide you with a more predictable de-icing performance for your winter operations by de-icing your aircraft in just a few minutes.

The MSG solution will perform de-icing operations with a high level of safety and efficiency, in accordance with existing regulations.


MSG Sequence 00

Snow and ice removal

MSG Sequence 01

QA check

MSG Sequence 02

QA check

MSG Sequence 03

Application anti-ice fluid

MSG Sequence 04

Application anti-ice fluid

MSG Sequence 05

Washing process

Both the RS-400 and RS-500 models offer brushless washing with high precision nozzles performing high pressure washing of the aircraft both over- and underneath.

This automatic system is pre-programmed for each aircraft make and model, and the system will wash according to manufacturer approved procedures for each aircraft. The washing time is approximately 20 minutes, depending on the aircraft make and model. The chemicals used in the process are eco-friendly and biodegradable.


MSG Sequence 00


MSG Wash Sequence 01


MSG Wash Sequence 02

Cleaning nose-section

MSG Wash Sequence 03

Cleaning fuselage and wings

MSG Wash Sequence 04

Cleaning empennage/tailsection

MSG Wash Sequence 05

Run-off liquid empennage/tailsection

MSG Wash Sequence 06

Run-off liquid fuselage and wings

MSG Wash Sequence 07

Run-off-liquid nose-section

MSG Wash Sequence 08

Compressed air blow-dry

MSG Wash Sequence 09


MSG Wash Sequence 10

Inspection process

Both RS-400 and RS-500 models can be equipped with an inspection camera as an option. We offer multiple solutions for inspection purposes, so please contact us for further information about the options available.

MSG Inspection 01
Entire airplane body inspected by thermal cameras to look for dents, nicks etc.

MSG Inspection 02
All data is recorded, stored and delivered to aircraft owner

MSG Inspection 03
The next time the same airplane is inspected, a comparison with the previous inspection data will be made

De-sanding process

The RS-400S model has a built-in functionality that will de-sand an aircraft quickly and safely. All water and fluids will be collected, recycled and re-used, ensuring a minimum amount of water needed for the process.

Service agreement

MSG Production offers a training and qualification program for all operators of our products. We also provide a multi-level service and maintenance agreement and offer 24/7 support. We are here to support your operations.

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