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Type II Glycol Study

MSG Production, in collaboration with South-Eastern University Norway, has conducted a study of Type II Glycol.

Samler giften / Collects chemicals

“Kjemikalier fra flyplassene, spesielt avisingvæsken glykol, skader naturen…”

“Chemicals from airports, especially de-icing fluid glycol, harms nature…”

Storfint besøk / A grand visit

“Statsministeren kommer til Geiteryggen…”

“The prime minister is coming to Geiteryggen…”

Al Jazirah Article

Article in Arabic. Artikkel på arabisk.

Endelig kunne flyet lande / The plane could finally land

“Vår test Boeing 737 lander på Geiteryggen i Skien…”

“Our test Boeing 737 lands at Geiteryggen in Skien…”

A new option for aircraft washing and de-icing / Et nytt alternativ for flyvask og avising

“The system is quick, efficient, and predictable”

35 Year old takes over MSG Production / 35-åring overtar roret i MSG Production

“It is accurate to state that he was hand-chosen.”

“Det er vel riktig å si at han ble håndplukket.”

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