Mobile Washing Station R1500 EL

MSG Production has developed a new groundbreaking cordless pressure washer providing a unique solution for ground handlers.  It is an electrically powered and driven unit that uses the latest in battery technology.  Removing the need for any attachments to electricity or water supply, the R1500 EL has an array of features that will make pressure washing a lot faster and easier on the tarmac, or in the hangar.  

Introducing the R1500 EL

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Your Problems – Our Solutions


– Current pressure washers are restricted in the distance provided by power cords and hoses, making washing limited and inconvenient!
A pressure washer that is cordless and contains an isolated water tank allowing for free movement around the vessel providing better washing efficiency.

– Loud noise created by power generators!
Quieter than any generator-powered unit that significantly reduces noise.

– The risk of applying too much pressure to an aircraft that can cause damage to the surface!
In addition to pre-set options, the R1500 EL gives the operator the flexibility to digitally adjust pressure settings according to the vessel being washed.

R1500 EL Features

  • Free of cords and cables eliminating logistical limitations
  • Insulated water supply tank within the unit providing temperature consistency
  • No water supply hose
  • All electric, environmentally friendly
  • 140-liter tank for Chemical Cleaning Agents
  • 1500-liter tank for water
  • Pre-programmed modes for different vessels
  • Adjustable pressure for different surfaces
  • Digital screen for ease of use
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Telescopic trigger gun with spray distance up to 4 meters
  • Quieter than generator-powered units
  • Rechargeable long-lasting battery and charging station
  • Pressure sensitive operator platform for transportation
  • All around safety fender beams
  • Carlite brushes for the gentlest surface touch and best results
  • 20 meters of silicone covered hose-on-reel for duration and ease of use
  • Operations to take place in dedicated wash areas


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