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It all started with a delayed flight.

In December 2009, our founder, Svein Gunnar Mæland, was waiting for his brother to come home for Christmas. Due to bad weather conditions, and chaos at the de-icing facilities at the airport, his flight was severely delayed.

From this incident, Mæland came up with the idea of inventing an automatic washing- and de-icing machine for aircraft.

After talking to professionals in the aviation industry, it became clear to Mæland that today´s methods for washing and de-icing of airplanes are costly, time-consuming and environmentally harmful. The need for a more advanced solution was obvious, and Mæland assigned a team which aimed to create a system that would ensure a high quality, cost-efficient machine for washing and de-icing aircraft. Last, but not least, Mæland had a vision that his invention should enable the aviation industry to leave a more environmentally friendly footprint.

Horizon 2020 recognition


In 2016, MSG Production was recognized and received Seal of Excellence Award from the European Commission Horizion 2020 SME Research and Innovation Program. Our product was given the highest score of all participants in our class, and our company received the highest possible grant of 2,5 million Euro.

Visitor facilities

MSG Production welcomes you to visit our full-scale facility, at our own airport, with our own B737, in Skien, Norway. Please contact us so we may schedule a demonstration.

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