It all started with a delayed flight

On December 2009, our founder, Svein Gunnar Mæland was waiting for his brother to come home for Christmas. Due to bad weather conditions and chaos at the de-icing facilities at the airport, his flight was severely delayed.

Because of this incident, Mæland came up with the idea for an automatic washing and de-icing machine for aircraft.


After spending hundreds of hours talking to professionals in the aviation industry, it became clear to Mæland that today's methods for washing and de-icing of airplanes are costly, time-consuming and environmentally harmful. The need for a more advanced solution was obvious, so Mæland assigned a team of professionals to create a system that would ensure a high quality, cost-efficient machine for washing and de-icing aircraft. Last, but not least, Mæland had a vision that his invention would enable the aviation industry to leave a more environmentally friendly footprint.

The first small scale prototype was ready in October 2015.

Oct. 2015

Mæland decided that the best way to present his idea was to build a scale model to demonstrate his idea to the world. After more than 2000 working hours, the 1:20 scale model was ready for demonstration at Inter Airport in Münich.

Jan. 2016

Patent pending was applied for across the world.

May 2016

The Multi Solution Gate was presented for the first time at the SAE G-12 committee, which decides on the standards for de-icing procedures in the world. It has always been a high priority for MSG Production to follow these industry regulations.

Nov. 2016

Our project received the Seal of Excellence and EUR 2,5 mill from the European Commission Horizon 2020 SME Research and Innovation Program.


Mars 2017

Building of the world’s first automatic washing and de-icing system starts at Skien Airport Geiteryggen in Norway.

Oct. 2017

MSG Production participates at Inter Airport München for the second time. Parts of the full-size machine are shown at the event.


January 2018: MSG Production's own Boeing 737 arrives at Skien Airport Geiteryggen. This aircraft plays a vital role in the testing and demonstration of the Multi Solution Gate.


Sept. 2018

The official opening ceremony of the Multi Solution Gate takes place with the Norwegian prime minister Erna Solberg and guests from several parts of the world.

Jan. 2019

MOU is signed for first delivery of the Multi Solution Gate.