We are Hiring!

MSG Aviation is currently hiring for four positions.

Chief Technical Officer

Administrasjons- og markedskoordinator

Automasjonsinginiør/Automation Engineer

Prosessingeniør/Process Engineer



Please note that mainly information about the job openings is written in Norwegian and we are currently only accepting applications via Finn.no.


About MSG Aviation

 The company was founded in 2016 and is located at Skien Airport Geiteryggen. Here we have set up the world’s first automated full-scale washing and de-icing system for aircraft, and we also have our own Boeing 737 for test purposes. The solution has received great publicity internationally and is a green innovation project. More frequent and adapted washing of aircraft contributes to less air resistance and thus better fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions. The wash also causes less wear on the aircraft, which in turn results in lower maintenance costs. MSG Aviation also has a solution for engine washing that is important for the engines’ thermal power and performance. Overall, this can reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to two percent.

Our solutions are tailored to both commercial and military aviation. We are currently 14 dedicated employees and are looking for more as we are getting ready for commercial launch and growth.