MSG Production Appoints Geir Steiro as New CEO

MSG Production offers greener and smarter solutions for washing, de-icing, and technical inspection of aircraft. The product is now ready for launch, and the company has hired Geir Steiro as the new CEO.  Steiro has experience from SAS, Norwegian, and Qatar Airways as well as from other large companies.

No other companies can offer washing, de-icing and technical inspection of aircraft more efficiently and more sustainably than MSG Production. I have known about the company for a while and thought their plans were exciting because they represented something completely new in an otherwise conservative industry. After a few years of research, development, and testing, the product is now ready for commercial use. This will help aircraft operators reduce their costs and environmental impact significantly, and that made me want to be part of the team,” says Geir Steiro.

Steiro has more than 40 years of experience from various management positions in operational and technical operations from companies such as SAS, Norwegian, Qatar Airways, Thomas Cook, Blue 1, and Busy Bee.  Steiro has also held management positions in Aker Solutions and NSB.

Illustration by Bjørn Inge Hansen/MSG Production

“What we now bring to the market has enormous potential because the customer base is global and includes airports, commercial airlines, and cargo airlines. In addition, military aviation will be able to use our products,” says Steiro, who emphasizes that the solution meets all safety requirements from aviation authorities, aircraft manufacturers, and airlines.

Ove Trøen is the biggest shareholder and working chairman of MSG Production. He has high expectations of Steiro.

“Geir has unprecedented technical competence, industry knowledge, and experience that is unique. In addition, he is well respected in the market, which is crucial when we now move from a development phase to a delivery phase. Geir will lead the work with our 2.0 version so that our future customers can become more efficient, reduce costs, and not least, cut emissions,” said Trøen, who became a major shareholder in March 2020.

MSG Production currently has a Multi-Solution Gate prototype at Geiteryggen Airport in Skien, Norway, for which the company received funding from the EU and Innovation Norway to develop. The company also has a Boeing 737 aircraft that has been used to test the solution. Skien will remain a “hub” for the development of the first Multi-Solution Gates.

Reduces emissions and costs

Today, manual removal of ice and snow on planes before departure takes a long time. Many airline passengers have been frustrated when realizing that the snow will delay the flight. There will be fewer delays with the automated solution from MSG Production. Automated de-icing performed in a purposed gate contributes to faster operations, less queuing, reduced fuel consumption, increased collection rate of de-icing fluid, and the possibility of reusing the de-icing fluid.

More frequent and adapted aircraft wash results in a cleaner fleet with less drag, consequently reducing fuel burn and carbon emissions. This also means less stress on the aircraft, which in turn results in lower maintenance costs. The company also has a solution for engine wash that is important for an engine’s thermal power and performance. This will remove debris that accumulates in the engine during operation. Overall, this will reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to two percent. By washing the aircraft every 26 days, a reduction in fuel consumption of up to two percent is achieved.

MSG Production is also working on developing a solution for technical inspection of the aircraft where it is scanned while being washed. During the scan, the aircraft inspected by the machine is compared to stored images of the fuselage in a condition that meets the safety requirements of the aircraft manufacturer, authorities, and aircraft operator. If there is a discrepancy during the scan, maintenance will be needed.

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