A significant scientific study into the properties of Type II glycol

MSG Production aims to be actively involved in the research and development of the aircraft de-icing and anti-icing category in order to improve quality, safety, and environmental impact.  Therefore, in collaboration with the University of South-Eastern Norway, we have conducted a scientific study into the properties of Type II glycol.

This study investigates if a combination of acoustic/vibrational measurements at the system spraying nozzle and multivariate regression modeling provides reliable viscosity estimates that can be used for real-time monitoring to ensure that the properties remain intact.

It is critically important that the viscosity of the anti-icing fluid is according to specifications to adhere to the aircraft surfaces after application. The results gathered show that the viscous properties remain completely unfazed from being processed in the Multi-Solution Gate, and secondly, that online real-time monitoring of these properties are entirely possible.

The advantage of the method is a significant improvement in risk assessment, mitigation, and control.

The paper will be presented at two collocated international science conferences:

60th SIMS conference, 12-16 August 2019 in Västerås, Sweden in cooperation with 11th International Conference of Applied Energy (ICAE2019)

We are very proud to have our own Per Januschas as one of the authors and contributors of the study, who worked in tight collaboration with the University of South-Eastern Norway’s Maths Halstensen, Joachim Lundberg, and Hans-Petter Halvorsen.

Please download the document below to read the entire findings of the study.