Dag Jostein realizes that he has taken on a big responsibility and is eager to get started.

When asked what made him leave a secure job at TecnhipFMC to move into a start-up like MSG Production, he reveals that he has always had a desire to create something new.

“MSG is the most exciting company I have come across”, says our new CEO. 

“How many chances do you get to introduce such a big innovation to the world market?!  Being part of MSG is like being part of an adventure.  I have followed MSG from the very beginning, and when I was offered the opportunity to get on-board, it was impossible to say no.”

We are curious to know why he thinks he is the right leader for MSG in this important phase of worldwide launching…

“My background from all the years at TechnipFMC gives me a good starting point for taking MSG Production and its unique products into the world market.  The company has a great team and we have the right prerequisites for making this a worldwide success.”

When asked how MSG is going to succeed, he gives us a thoughtful answer…

“I strongly believe in growing in a healthy way and focusing on working with the right customers.  We will make sure that we deliver high-quality products to our clientele.  For a start-up like ours, it is tempting to enter the worldwide market and start bringing in the orders.  But our highest priority is to make sure that our system performs beyond our customers’ expectations.  We know for sure that our solution will get a lot of attention in the aviation industry worldwide once it is installed.  We are hoping to start producing four installations for two airports during 2020.  Once they have proven their performance and the savings they represent for the industry, we know that several more airlines and airports will be ready to place an order.”

Our new CEO who lives in Notodden with his wife and three children, says he likes to spend his spare time in nature, either skiing or hunting.  He is a curious and inquisitive person that is constantly thinking about new creative solutions for both technical innovations, as well as business models. 

“I think all of us at MSG are proud to be working on a great innovation that will put our region on the map.  We have met a lot of enthusiasm from the local community and our hope is that in the near future, MSG Production will create more jobs that will support our local area.”

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