MSG in Saudi Arabia

On September 15th, 2018 MSG Production signed a partnership agreement with AKTC. Asayeel Alkhaleej will help represent us in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Together, we will be officially entering the Middle Eastern market at the Saudi Air Show 2019 at Thumamah Airport in Riyadh March 12th-14th. The Multi-Solution Gate is also ideal for removing sand and keeping aircraft clean, efficiently and often. Water is a precious resource, and media containment is important in countries like Saudi Arabia.

The Multi Solution Gate

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First Arrival in KSA

Monday, March 6th:

Our chief operating officer, Dag Jostein and electrical engineer Jarle, arrived early to receive the shipment and supervise the unloading of our scale models and equipment sent from our Norwegian showroom by vessel and ground transport.

Friday, March 8th:

Our founder and president Svein Gunnar Mæland arrived along with his father, Gunnar Mæland.

Sunday, March 10th:

A couple of days later our group is complete with the arrival of Frøydis, our VP of Sales and Robert, our VP of innovation.

Monday, March 11th:

Our stand at the Saudi Air Show (Thumamah Airport) is a work in progress and will be finished soon. The MSG and AKTC team are working around the clock to make sure all is in order before showtime tomorrow, where we are expecting around 15,000 visitors.

Tuesday, March 12:

Today was the official start of the Saudi Air Show and a day of royal and important guests visiting us at the MSG stand! We had the honor of welcoming His Royal Highness Bin Salman Al Saud in the company of His Excellency Abdulhadi Almansouri, Vice Deputy Minister of Transportation. We also had the pleasure of conversing with Mr. Wafiz Al Nammari, the Trade Advisor to the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Riyadh along with other equally influencial guests.

The MSG and AKTC stand is stunning and our exhibit attracted heavy traffic from numerous professionals attending the show.

Wednesday, March 13th:

Wednesday was a very busy day at the MSG stand with a lot of visitors lining up to grab a glimpse of our scale model in action! On account of the huge interest we have generated, we were honored with the visit of the Transport Minister of Saudi Arabia Dr. Nabil Alamoudi. After observing a sandstorm simulation, we had the opportunity to learn the importance of providing this market with our much needed system.

While taking care of the guests visiting our stand, we have in parallel had on-going preliminary negotiation meetings that are helping us prepare the details for our possible first contract. There has been a lot of media attention surrounding this possibility, and News 24, an important Arabic newspaper was the first to publish a piece about it.

“There are negotiations in what may well be the first autonomous machine for washing airplanes. An executive tells News 24 that this Norwegian made machine is the first of its kind in the world. He aims to be the first to install such a machine at King Khalid Airport in Riyadh in the coming months. He also explains that traditional methods require at least seven hours with about fifteen people doing the labor for the exterior wash of an aircraft, in comparison to 20 minutes for the exterior, and 6 minutes for the engine with this machine.” -Approximate translation of above article.

Thursday, March 14th:

We have officially wrapped up our participation at the Saudi Air Show. Our team and our partners at AKTC have done an amazing job representing us and unveiling the Multi Solution Gate at the event for the first time; we are all overwhelmingly proud! The contacts, leads, and most importantly our possible first buyer made this the most successful and productive show yet.

Friday, March 15th:

This week has been incredibly exciting and has brought us closer to our much awaited first contract signing! We have been in many interesting meetings, have concluded the day, and are now ready to head home. We leave Saudi Arabia much wiser and knowledgeable, as this trip has granted us many enriching experiences. We still have some practical work to do before we are well on our way to processing our first order, but we will be coming back in just a few weeks to work on further contract negotiations.

Today our team was invited to the house of the Norwegian Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Mr. Øyvind Stokke for a very nice lunch. He has given us a lot of valuable advice and we thank him for his generosity. We have felt very welcomed in this country and are excited to continue our business here.

Thank you for your friendship and hospitality to our Saudi friends and to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

Dag Jostein (COO of MSG), Svein Gunnar Mæland (President of MSG), Dr. Saeed Ghannam (Executive VP of AKTC), Øyvind Stokke (Norwegian Ambassador to KSA), Frøydis Garmo Hovden (VP Sales for MSG), Gunnar Mæland (father of Svein Gunnar and Sales Consultant), Robert Bader (VP of Innovation for MSG), Jarle Gilde (Electrical Engineer for MSG), Wafiq Al Nammari (Trade Advisor to the Norwegian Embassy).