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Preparing for the next phase

12 years after the initial idea, and 5 years after the company was founded, we’re set to take a leap into the next phase. The time is appropriate to shed our first skin, and dress up in a manner that suits a tech company developing game changing solutions for the aviation industry. Sustainable solutions – that are also safe, reliable and cost efficient.

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The Green Choice

Our solution will make a big contribution to reduce the environmental footprint in aviation.  Read more about how the Multi Solution Gate will reduce emissions of CO2 and eliminate discharge of chemicals into surrounding environments.

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One Machine - Multiple Uses

MSG stands for Multi-Solution Gate and represents our products and solutions for washing, de-sanding, de-icing, engine flushing, and inspection. Each machine can be produced with a specific function or can include all functions.

MSG Updates

Meet the team behind project OSL

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